And just like that, a new podcast launches, a time-bending romance co-produced with Lost Girls Theatre and co-written with Andie Arthur.

Liv and Will are living the “happily ever after.” Or so they thought until they met Tess. But once the time agents showed up…well, there’s “it’s complicated…” and then there’s “it’s…complicated…”

Some things that happened for the first time seem to be happening again. But who will end up with whom? And where or when?

Ten episodes in all, releasing biweekly. Every other week, that is. (Yes, I looked it up, and biweekly can mean twice a week or once every two weeks. That’s not confusing at all, Merriam Webster.)

Visit our page at the Incomparable to subscribe to the series, and visit Lost Girls Theatre for more on the cast and crew, as well as extras like clips from our live performances,