I am the writer and creator of The Incomparable Radio Theater podcast series., featuring a range of non-existent 1940s era radio shows like “The Adventures of Timmy Preston, Galaxy Scout,” “Doll Tearsheet, Private Eyeful,” “The Two-Fisted Tales of Tesla,” and more. I also appear on several shows at The Incomparable podcast network, such as the main show, Game Show, Lions Towers and Shields, Afoot, Random Trek, and more..

In 2003, I founded the Riverrun Theatre Company with Jim Stark–he was the artistic director, I was artist-in-residence. Under that title, I have written plays, designed and implemented all aspects of our marketing, designed all the sound and video for our productions, designed elements of productions (props, sets, costumes), and occasionally acted on stage.

At the beginning of 2010, sparked by Twitter, I founded 2amt, an organization that develops new ideas & connects theatre artists and companies at every level. Thanks to 2amt, I have given talks at Arena Stage’s “From Scarcity to Abundance: Capturing the Moment for the New Play Sector” convening, TEDxMichiganAvenue, National Arts Marketing Project Conference, 2011 City Wrights conference, the 2013 & 2014 Theatre Communications Group conferences, and more. I also curated the Audience Engagement track of the 2013 TCG conference.

I have appeared on the American Theatre Wing’s Working in the Theater series talking about journalism in the social media age, and I have given a TEDx talk on the importance of improvisation both onstage and backstage in the world of theatre.

As a playwright, my work has appeared at Riverrun Theatre, Actors Theatre of Louisville, Capital Fringe Festival, South Carolina Repertory Company, Glass Mind Theatre, the NJ One Minute Play Festival, Chicago Fringe Festival, Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, NY Neo-Futurists, Finnigan Festival, the 3rd Annual Louisville Playwrights Festival, and Hanover College Theatre.

I have also written articles for the National Endowment of the Arts, The Magazine, Six Colors, ArtsHacker, Stage Directions magazine, In Media Res, Adaptistration, TheatreFace and more.