Over at the Incomparable Radio Theater, we’ve been rolling out some short episodes in the Galaxy Scouts: Prelude series. They’re setting the game board for the Galaxy Scouts: Greene miniseries coming soon to the Radio Theater feed.

Let’s see where Scoutmaster Greene is today, and whatever became of Timmy Preston? I bet it’s Tim now. We’ll get to see old scouts like Didi and Gogo all grown up, and even Scoutmaster Songh, Greene’s…old…friend…is coming back. We’ll also get to know some new characters who’ll be showing up in the miniseries.

Prelude #1: Lost in the Stars starts knee deep in a space battle with a surprising rescue in the knick of time.

Prelude #2: Starcross’d introduces a cat burglar and the henchman interviewing them for an impossible job…

Prelude #3: In the Vastness of Night features a former Scout all grown up, now a bounty hunter about to play a most dangerous game.

And stay tuned, there’s more to come.

But if you can’t wait to listen to a preview of the miniseries itself, here’s the opening scene of the whole thing…

Preview of Galaxy Scouts: Greene, Episode 1: Legends and Maps

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Now, back to the farfuture…